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Budget 7"/10" HMI touch screens with Ethernet

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Reasons to choose our HMI screens over others

Reasons to choose our PLC controllers over others


The HMI screens listed here all based on our new web-based software system, compared to the classic Levi system. The hardware configuration in this deal are not powerful enough to run remote control, but more than enough to do normal HMI screen controlling stuff. Other than without remote control capability and email alarm notification, software side, they are the same to our more expensive PI8000 and PI9000 screens.

With screens in this deal, the -O models give you the possibility to run remote control on Windows-based PC within LAN. Using our free dedicated app (only on Windows PC), you can search and add all the available screens for remote control.

The model numbers are: PI3070i-N for 7", PI3102H for 10.2". Ethernet is included as a on-board feature on all models. CANBus and Remote Control are not supported, which is a default feature on PI8000. All models have two COM Ports.

If remote access and remote control is a necessity, please refer to our web-based combo offer.

You can download the software kit here to find out how easy it's to build your own interfaces. There are lots of sample codes and projects for you to start with here. Try to create a new project, you can see if your PLC's communication protocol is supported. Although we are happy to customize a protocol support with a extra fee, MODBUS (RTU over RS485/RS422 or TCP over Ethernet) is the universal protocol for PLC and HMI communication and should be your go-to option if your protocol happens to be not on our long list of supported protocols.

Sample Projects, Codes and Tutorials:

Other resources:

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