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Remote Control Combo With Cloud Storage: 7"-15" Cloud HMI + 26pt PLC, Optional WIFI/4G. IIoT ready with MQTT and HTTPS support.

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Brand: WECON

Main Features of HMI screens:

  • All HMI screens from ig Series are IIoT ready with "MQTT service" and "HTTPS request" service supported via Lua Script.
  • VPN service is embedded for remotely managing and programming HMIs and PLC devices.
  • HMIs with Cloud Storage can store data records and alarms into cloud with no extra charge. Data in cloud can be viewed and exported on PC and mobile phones.
  • Alarm notifications via Emails.
  • Automatic date and time sync.
  • LUA script and VB styled script are supported for advanced programming.
  • All major PLC brands are supported, including MODBUS RTU and TCP as master or slave.
  • Data records can be saved on USB drive, or SD-Card if supported, then export to PC or Excel for analysis.
  • 4G and WIFI are available an an option.
  • CAN Bus is available as an option.
  • PI8070 (7"), PI8102H(10.2") and PI8150ig are equipped with 512M RAM and 4G Flash for data recordings.
  • Programming service is available at a fee.

Available upgrade options:

1. Expansion modules for extra digital inputs/outputs.

2. Expansion modules for analogue inputs/outputs (4-20mA or 0-10V).

3. Ethernet support for PLC through expansion card.

4. Expansion modules to support load cell for weighing.

5. Expansion modules for temperature measuring and control with PID.

6. More features for motor control and motion control.

7. HMI screen sizes: 7", 10.2", 12", 15".

8. Both 7" and 10" have the option of including on-board 4G or WIFI for remote control via PC or smart phones.

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