About us

JoF Automation & Services, based in Sydney, is dedicated to bringing in China made electronic products where prices and quality meet at the best point. We are partnered with WECON, one of the top players in China in the field of Automation Industry, to distribute their world popular HMI and PLC products in the markets of Australia and New Zealand. As the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand market, WECON provides us with especially competitive prices and direct customer services while all the core engineers behind the scenes are tasked to lend a hand when required to help our customers find best solution in dealing with their projects.

“Made in China” used to have a reputation of being cheap but poor quality. That’s not true any more as a lot of you must have realized for the last few years. Chinese brands are bent on creating a new era of Chinese products, which while still easily keep the cost down with its big pool of human resource, have managed to catch up with the advanced world in terms of quality and production techniques. WECON is just proudly one participant and one of the prime examples of this big change.

Other than HMI touch screens and PLCs, we are well aware the fact that Australian and New Zealand market is in great need of all sorts of high-in-quality but low-in-prices accessories for Automation Industry, such as Switches, Buttons, Motors, Servo-motors, Stepping motors, Circuit breakers, Inverter, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Relays, etc etc.  We are in talks with some of the major makers from China to bring in the best Made-In-China products to save all the hassles of our customers in searching and testing for the best products buried in the sea of  internet.

As WECON goes all out to make it possible for customers with or without programming experiences to use the IDE without much of a learning curve, we strongly encourage all our customers try to develop their own applications so that any modifications can be easily done at any time required. We have Software Engineers ready to assist in solving any problems you might come across. But if you really don’t want to spend time in it, both WECON and us have Software Engineers on hand to do the job for you at a low rate.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time for your concerns.