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Remote Control Combo: 7"-15" HMI + 26pt PLC, Cloud, Optional WIFI/4G

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Contact us for demo accounts to test out "Remote Control by mobile phones and PCs" feature.

Reasons to choose our HMI screens over others.

Reasons to choose our PLC controllers over others.


Available upgrades through options include:

1. Expansion modules for extra digital inputs/outputs.

2. Expansion modules for analogue inputs/outputs (4-20mA or 0-10V).

3. Ethernet support for PLC through expansion card.

4. Expansion modules to support load cell for weighing.

5. Expansion modules for temperature measuring and control with PID.

6. More features for motor control and motion control.

7. HMI screen sizes: 7", 10.2", 12", 15".

8. Both 7" and 10" have the option of including on-board 4G or WIFI for remote control via PC or smart phones.

HMI panels in this deal, other than being equipped with more powerful CPU more storage for data logging, having the normal HMI functions as our other HMI Series do, boast remote control as its main selling point.

All the HMI panels listed here are equipped with powerful enough hardware to be remote-controlled and monitored over internet via dedicated apps on Android smart phones, tables, iPhone, iPads and PC. Remote control is done with cloud technology, which also guarantees the connection's security and safety. As remote control is an optional feature, devices don't come with a cloud account. On request, we can set up a free temporary account for you to test out. With temporary account, you can use remote control for 30 mins per session, then you'll need to delete the screen, add it back for another 30 mins. A one-time cloud registration fee is applicable for a permanent account, which would give you life-time remote access to your device.

Without cloud account, you can also control it on a PC that's within the same LAN as your HMI, which is totally free and secure. You just need to connect the screen and your phone or computer in the same LAN, then open up a browser (Firefox and Chrome recommended), type in the HMI screen's IP address, press enter to bring up the screen to your own mobile phone or PC, then you can operate it the same as on the screen. For security reasons, this control can not go over a router.

With HMI screens in this deal, you can also set up an email account to send different alarm notifications to pre-set email recipients through pre-set triggers.

The model numbers in this promotional combo offer are: HMI PI8070, PLC LX3V1412MR(T)-A(D) (1412 means 14 digital inputs and digital 12 outputs, MR for Relay Outputs, MT for Transistor Outputs, A for AC power supply, D for DC power supply). Upgrade to 10.2" HMI screen and PLC models with more outputs and inputs and other features are available through options. This kit is fit for Industrial Automation, DIY Home Automation, Motor Control on Machinery, CNC, Assembly line, Robotic etc.

Through options, you can choose to upgrade PLC & HMI to different models to have bigger screen or more inputs and outputs, and to higher-end Series of PLC for more programming memory, complex motor and motion control, or you can add more features via expansion modules or add-on boards. We have four lines of PLCs for you to choose from, scroll to the bottom for comparison.

You can download the software kit here for the HMI to find out how easy it's to build your own interfaces. There are lots of sample codes and projects for you to start with here. Try to create a new project, you can see if your PLC's communication protocol is supported. Although we are happy to customise a protocol support with a extra fee, MODBUS (RTU over RS485/RS422 or TCP over Ethernet) is the universal protocol for PLC and HMI communication and should be your go-to option if your protocol happens to be not on our long list of supported protocols.

For small screen HMI/PLC combo, go for this PLC/HMI learning kit offer. If you only need HMI to talk to PLCs of other brands or other devices, here's the link for Classic Series big screen HMI (7", 10.2") and Classic small screen HMI (3.5", 4.3"). If web-based HMI for remote access and remote control via smart devices is what you are after, click here for this web-based HMIs(7", 10", 15").

For Expansion IOModule, visit here. Expansion Modules Data Sheet.

For Expansion Card, visit here.

Sample Projects, Codes and Tutorials:

Other useful links regarding this kit:

Please be aware:

1. This PLC's inputs and outputs are all digital. For analog inputs/outputs, Ethernet Port, and other features, Expansion modules and add-on Expansion Cards can be added on through options. For other expansion IO Modules and add-on Expansion Cards, which are not included in this deal or you would like to buy more than one kits, please contact us, volume discount available for 5 kits or more.

2. To smoothly run in the background a web server for remote access on PC and mobile devices, web-based HMI screens are all equipped with much better screen quality, more powerful CPU, bigger memory and overall higher specification compared to classic Levi Series HMI Screens. If remote access is not what you are after, classic HMI would be a better solution for you. Web-based HMI screens can be accessed on PCs located in the same network with HMI, meaning no gateway or router in between. To access it on iPhone/Android/iPad, a one-off fee to access the behind-the-scene cloud platform is required. One month free trial with full function is available before paying for the cloud access.

3. Both the PLC and HMI have two COM Ports for communications over RS422/RS485. WECON Protocol and MODBUS ASCII/RTU are supported on all COM Ports. The benefit of using WECON protocol is that, without any programming needed, PLC memories (variables and input/output states) are shared and synchronized automatically among HMIs, PLCs. MODBUS over TCP is supported if kit bought with Ethernet Port.

4. Our PLC supports up to 16 expansion IO Modules to add on additional features.PLC with 12 inputs and 12 outputs can fit on only 1 add-on Expansion Card, which means if you buy two or more, you won't be able to use them together. PLC model with 16/24 inputs and 16/24 outputs have room to fit on up to 2 add-on Expansion Cards( 2 Cards for 4 channels can't be fit on together, 2 cards for 2 channels are OK, 1 card for 4-channelsand 1 for 2-channels are OK). Contact us to confirm if you are not sure. Add-on Ethernet expansion card for PLC is not supported on LX3V, you'll need LX3VP, LX3VE or LX3VM for that.

5. If you are new to serial communication and PLC, you'll be better off adding a data cable in your basket. This data cable only works with WECON Protocol over RS422. Without any extra programming needed on PLC and HMI, all data (or memory) are automatically synchronized between HMI screen and PLC. If you would like the flexibility of self-configuring communication parameters, using MODBUS or other protocols over RS485/RS422/Ethernet, you can choose to uncheck the data cable option. The DB9 connector needed for the HMI end is very common, and easily found or bought in any electrical/computer shops. The pin definitions are printed on the back of HMI screen and can also be found on "Levi Studio" through communication setting.

6. Regarding two options of motion control expansion modules, the basic model supports jogging, homing, single speed positioning, and variable speed. The advanced model also supports S-Curve acceleration and deceleration, two-speed positioning etc.

7. If you need two or more kits with different setup, pick one setup first, add it to basket, then pick another setup, add it to basket, and then pay for them together. You can also buy more than one kits on one setup.

8. If you need other models or expansion modules that are not included in this offer, please contact us for a quote.

Please Note: 1. Normally it would take 1-2 weeks to get delivered to your place. Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is free. For New Zealand customers, orders will be shipped from China directly, free of shipping fee ( import fee might be applicable). 2. Our online store is powered by Ecwid, which provides a secure HTTPS connection to protect your information. You can also shop on our eBay store and facebook store.

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