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Cloud-based Platform For Mobile Access

Click here for the manual of the app running on both iPhone and Android phones (or on computers via browser) to remotely control your HMI Screen and PLC

To download the App on iPhone, search “WECON Smart” in Apple Store or click here.

To download the App for Android phones, click here.

Web-based design means you can bring the interactive screens you’ve created with PI Studio to your PCs, your smart phones and tablets, and you can operate on these devices from anywhere in the world as exactly you are operating on the HMI screen, as long as you have these devices connected to your HMI device via Local Network/Internet over WIFI/cable. Access on iPhone/Android phones via Internet requires a non-free subscription to cloud-based platform service. Without this subscription, you can still gain access on your smart phones or PCs via Local Network(LAN) on web browsers.

For the pure purpose of testing and demonstration, currently one device per customer account is allowed to use cloud service free of charge.

WECON Cloud-based monitoring platform is developed to keep up with people’s pace in the modern world. Imagine you are at home ready to go to bed, or you just landed at the other end of the world, all of sudden you feel the anxiety to find out if everything is OK with your system at home. With WECON Cloud-based platform, you could just take out your smart phone, get on internet through 4G or WIFI, then you can log in to the “WECON Smart App”, bring over the screens from your HMI at home to your phone and you get to control your system the same as you would do at home. Another typical scenario would be like this: you have your system running in the field, and you are sitting in the comfort of your office, sipping coffee, you need to keep an eye on the system to make sure everything is good, probably you also need to press a few buttons on HMI every now and then, with web-based HMI, you can just have HMI connected to your office network through WIFI or Cable, open up your web browser, type in your HMI’s IP address, your HMI’s screens will just pop up, which saves you the trouble of going out to the HMI.

Please be aware that only HIM screens from PI8000 Series and PI9000 Series can access this service.

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