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JOFAS now on SSL for security

In the past, some of our customers have expressed their security concerns over purchasing on our online store by entering their credit card details.

We have assured them that our online store was safe although our website was not running on SSL at that time. This is due to the fact that our online store is powered by Ecwid, which provides an world No. 1 e-commerce platform to have your online store seamlessly integrated into existing websites. In other words, our online store is just a embedded web page from Ecwid’s platform. When you are shopping on our website, you are really dealing with Ecwid’s professional platform, rather than our website, which is exactly why you’ll see the same shopfront on our Facebook shop, that they are all provided by Ecwid’s platform.

But still, you could see a “Not Secure” tag in the address bar like the image below if you have paid attention to it. That’s because our website was a HTTP site instead of HTTPS site. Google has been pushing with its browser Chrome to convert more websites to HTTPS for the sake of  security by marking HTTP websites “Not Secure” since January 2017.

From October 27 2017, with the release of new version of Chrome, all HTTP websites would be marked “Not Secure”.

We have had our technicians work hard to switch on SSL for our website. And it has finally happened since Oct. 23 2017 as you can see, which means now our whole website is protected with the technologies behind HTTPS. So feel a bit peace of mind and happy shopping on our website, dear customers.

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