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Cloud HMI for Remote Control (7" - 15") With Cloud Storage, Optional 4G/WIFI. IIoT ready. MQTT and HTTPS request supported.

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Main Features:

  • All HMI screens from ig Series are IIoT ready with "MQTT service" and "HTTPS request" service supported via Lua Script.
  • VPN service is embedded for remotely managing and programming HMIs and PLC devices.
  • HMIs with Cloud Storage can store data records and alarms into cloud with no extra charge. Data in cloud can be viewed and exported on PC and mobile phones.
  • Alarm notifications via Email.
  • Automatic date and time sync.
  • LUA script and VB styled script are supported for advanced programming.
  • All major PLC brands are supported, including MODBUS RTU and TCP as master or slave.
  • 4G and WIFI as an option are available.
  • CAN Bus is available as an option.
  • Programming service is available at a fee.

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