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Web HMI, Monitor/Control on Web pages Or Mobile Phone

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Click here for more quotes of difference of different models. Also if you are interested in testing out our proprietary "HMI web pages building tools", contact us for the website and a demo.

Main features:

  • Acts as data collector and communication hub, or a bridge between data producer (PLC, VFD, Remote IO etc, Remote Sensors) and data consumer (HMI, SCADA, Mobile Phones, PC). VBox shows collected data from multiple sources and show them on Web Pages in the same way as on transitional HMI screen, other than send data to other data consumers.
  • Traditional HMI screens can also connect to VBox as one other way to view and control data.
  • VPN service is embedded for remotely managing HMIs and PLC devices while sitting in the comfort of your office. It’s available for upgrading and debugging HMIs and PLCs of all brands as long as doing that over Ethernet port is possible.
  • Run VBox in pass-through mode to use VBox as a gateway for remotely programming and debugging PLC devices via RS232/RS485/RS422 ports. It works with not just Wecon’s own PLCs but also some models of LG, Mitsubish, Delta, Siemens, Omron, Panasonic, Xinjie PLCs. Contact us to confirm if your PLC works.
  • Equipped with Web HMI and IIoT technologies, with the help of our own propitiatory IIoT platform and Web HMI builder, one can easily build intuitive HMI Web Pages to show data in different ways. Scroll down to see some of these Web Pages. We currently have three IIoT servers accordingly for Chinese, European and AESEAN customers.
  • To keep your data safe and private, you can use third-party IIoT platforms or your own IIoT platform to replace our IIoT platform. We’ve done the test on Google cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Huawei cloud, Alibaba cloud and a few others.
  • Alarm notification via SMS and Email.
  • OPC-based SCADA or HMI software is supported for PC.
  • LUA script is supported for advanced programming.
  • All major PLC brands are supported, including MODBUS RTU and TCP as master or slave.
  • 4G and WIFI available for connections.


Software Tools:



Web HMI demo pictures (contact us for address to log in and see Web HMI in action):

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