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Remote Control HMI (7" - 15"), Optional 4G/WIFI

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Reasons to choose our HMI screens over others.

Reasons to choose our PLC controllers over others


HMI panels in this deal, other than being equipped with more powerful CPU more storage for data logging, having the normal HMI functions as our other HMI Series do, boast remote control as its main selling point.

All the HMI panels (from PI8000 and PI9000 families) listed here are equipped with powerful enough hardware to be remote-controlled and monitored over internet via dedicated apps on Android smart phones, tables, iPhone, iPads and PC. Remote control is done with cloud technology, which also guarantees the connection's security and safety. As remote control is an optional feature, devices don't come with a cloud account. On request, we can set up a free temporary account for you to test out. With temporary account, you can use remote control for 30 mins per session, then you'll need to delete the screen, add it back for another 30 mins. A one-time cloud registration fee is applicable for a permanent account, which would give you life-time remote access to your device.

Without cloud account, you can also control it on a PC that's within the same LAN as your HMI, which is totally free and secure. You just need to connect the screen and your phone or computer in the same LAN, then open up a browser (Firefox and Chrome recommended), type in the HMI screen's IP address, press enter to bring up the screen to your own mobile phone or PC, then you can operate it the same as on the screen. For security reasons, this control can not go over a router.

With HMI screens in this deal, you can also set up an email account to send different alarm notifications to pre-set email recipients through pre-set triggers.

If remote access and remote control aren't what you are after, our Classic Series big screen HMI (7", 10.2") and Classic small screen HMI (3.5", 4.3") would be a better and much cheaper alternative. Or choose this combo deal and this compact combo deal for a PLC and HMI Combo.

Each customer account can add one device to test out remote access service for one month, free of charge. Please contact us if you need to register a new account.

You can download the software kit here to find out how easy it's to build your own interfaces. There are lots of sample codes and projects for you to start with here. Try to create a new project, you can see if your PLC's communication protocol is supported. Although we are happy to customize a protocol support with a extra fee, MODBUS (RTU over RS485/RS422 or TCP over Ethernet) is the universal protocol for PLC and HMI communication and should be your go-to option if your protocol happens to be not on our long list of supported protocols.

Sample Projects, Codes and Tutorials:

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